Repashy Superload has been upgraded!

Press Release

You asked for it, and we listened!

Our Zoo Favorite Insect Gutload "SUPERLOAD" has just been Upgraded!

We have made a small change that makes a big difference. We removed a small percentage of corn meal and replaced it with our proven plant based gelling agents, and now you can use it as you always have by feeding it (dry or as a paste) OR you can mix it with hot water and it will set into a gel at room temperature!

This means it mixes just like our "Bug Burger" but it still has a different application.

Bug Burger is designed to be a highly nutritious complete diet that can be used to raise, maintain, or breed insects. While it will do a great job of providing optimal nutrition to insects and make them a great food, it is NOT a "Gutload".

Superload is an ultra-high Calcium, Vitamin, trace mineral, and Carotenoid formula that is designed to be fed to insects for one to four days prior to them being used as feeders to "Gutload" and maximize nutritional value. It is NOT meant to be a staple insect diet and can kill insects fed it over long periods of time because the high levels of calcium can cause impaction and prevent nutrient absorption. Using it as a Gel will eliminate the need to provide a separate water source.

We have added the red text to the label, along with new directions so that you can check to see if you have the upgraded formula. We have been shipping this to our dealers since April 1st and all of our in house inventory has been upgraded.


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