About Us

It’s not “About US” really, it’s more “About Me”; because Repashy NZ is just an old fashioned owner operator business like many small businesses in New Zealand.

I established Geoffs FishRoom in 2007 to satisfy my passion and fascination with the Loricariidae Catfish or ‘plecos’ as they are called.

I realised early on that I had a knack for breeding the ones that we could get in New Zealand and were difficult to breed. This led to me supplying my excess of quality plecos exclusively to the wholesale pet industry in New Zealand. In fact, if you have bought a fancy pleco for less than $100.00 from a fish store in Auckland, it was probably one of mine.

KrazyGeoff, my alternate fish persona, is now known internationally as a breeder of plecos. I have written articles for Planet Catfish and FNZAS (Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies), and have also presented at the prestigious International L-Number Days conference.

As such, I have constantly been on the hunt for the world’s best products to help improve the care, quality and health of my prize plecos.

Low and behold...In 2015, I finally found a product set I love, and the manufacturers are just as crazy about plecos as I am - Repashy Superfoods!!

I started working with Repashy Ventures Inc. and now I am the official New Zealand importer of the exclusive range of Repashy fish and reptile products.

I believe, and I think you will too, that the Repashy Superfood range of products is what we in the South-Pacific have been missing.

A quality, cost-effective product range that our fish and reptiles love and thrive on!! 

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