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  • Charlie Song

    Thanks to Geoff for stocking the wonderful Repashy products here in New Zealand. My goldfish love both the Soilent Green and the Super Gold. Can’t really beat such high quality food for the price. For anyone considering buying Repashy, I would wholly endorse it over the other commercial pellets and flakes out there.

    Wonderful business, wishing it much success.

  • Kat

    I have 3 leopard geckos and tried a sample of grub pie tonight… first time ever and as soon as they smelled it they started running for it! My Leo’s are all lazy usually but they were very excited about this and the smell alone was enough to get them excited, didn’t need to sit wiggling it or anything. Have just ordered a big pot and am sooo pleased we’ve tried it.

  • Allie

    My axolotls love this! It is very easy to make and use. My axolotls are able to smell it and suck it in easily. Would absolutely recommend this to others. It is now their main food source.

  • Curtis Osborne

    My Kokopu refused to eat until I found Repashy, it’s all he eats now. Will recommend to others.

  • Karen Adamson

    All four of my adult dragons virtually ripped it out of the tweezers to eat it. They usually pick up their food by tongue, as it is gelatinous, I decided to use tweezers as they were so aggressive to eat it, normally you can feed them by hand. But they all absolutely loved it. The snake neck turtle, was not impressed. But as far as the beardies were concerned they absolutely loved it. No more expensive tins of crickets for me. That makes a very cheap feed. I have posted this to all Reptile clubs I am affiliated to with my recommendation. 10/10. I am very impressed. Nest time I think I will be buying in bulk. Thanks again. I wish you all the success, and thank you for bringing it to New Zealamd. Kind regards. Karen.

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